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Las Vegas City Hall Galleries
Las Vegas City Hall Galleries

Las Vegas City Hall Galleries

The Las Vegas City Hall Galleries are two public art galleries located within the Las Vegas City Hall. These include The Grand Gallery and The Chamber Gallery, both excellent destinations for art lovers.

The galleries feature different works by local artists in a bid to celebrate and honor art culture in the city.

Las Vegas City Hall Galleries, Grand Gallery & Chamber Gallery Hours

The Grand Gallery is located in the lobby area of City Hall and is loved for the display of its stunning sculptures. Most of the 3D works of art are exhibited to showcase a different approach to a traditional subject, as well as to give society an opportunity to learn more about the use of art as a medium for communication.

At the Grand Gallery, exhibits typically run for approximately 12 weeks, so there’s a chance for visitors to catch up with the latest installments. The Nevada Clay Guild Member Selections is one of the most popular exhibits in the past as it featured ceramic work that includes both functional and non-functional items made by the group.

Exhibits at the Grand Gallery are open from Monday to Thursday, between 7am and 5pm, and closed for the rest of the week and on holidays.

On the other hand, The Chamber Gallery remains focused on the culture in Downtown Las Vegas while embracing diversity. As such, the exhibits will often feature art from local artists. However, each year this unique gallery will include other cultures, which celebrates the great diversity within different cultures.

Interested in checking out this gallery? Make your way to the second floor of the Las Vegas City Hall, just above the main lobby. There is no better place to explore art in Las Vegas.

For anyone visiting the galleries, check with the Cultural Affairs office to get two hours of complimentary parking at the city garage located across the street. Entry to the Las Vegas City Hall Galleries is free.

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