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Lion Habitat Ranch
Lion Habitat Ranch

Lion Habitat Ranch

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The Lion Habitat Ranch is a unique destination for animal lovers exploring Las Vegas. The ranch is home to these furry felines that roam the 8.5-acre ranch.

Located just about 12 miles from the renowned Las Vegas Strip, this ranch is home to stunning African lions.

Lion Habitat Ranch, Admission Tickets, Prices & Hours, Henderson NV

For visitors who have explored the Las Vegas attractions, you may be familiar with the lions that once lived inside the iconic MGM Grand. What many people may not know is that the owner of the lions, Keith Evans, always transported the big cats from the ranch to the elegant hotel. While the latter facility shut down in 2012, the ranch has since grown in popularity, attracting visitors in their numbers.

Evans, the ranch’s owner, is an animal trainer with almost half a century’s experience in handling the lions. To ensure that the ranch was conducive for the lions, Evans constructed glass enclosures and put up security barriers to protect both the lions and humans.

Home to more than 40 lions, the ranch is a perfect destination to learn more about these wondrous animals. Are you aware that female lions usually do the hunting for the pride, and will often help in caring for newborn calves? Or that these African lions can sleep for up to 20 hours every day?

This insightful tour is an opportunity to watch lions in their natural element, learn what they eat, and even marvel at the cubs that live on the ranch. Depending on when you visit, you may be fascinated to learn that the lions get grooming sessions that involve shampooing the fur and blow-drying the furry creatures.

It is little wonder why they are the ‘mane’ attraction at the ranch. Look out for the hand-feeding sessions too, and keep your eyes peeled for when the lions enjoy some playtime. Visitors can go the extra mile and train with the lions for an additional fee.

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What is the Lion Habitat Ranch address?
What are the Lion Habitat Ranch opening hours?
What are the Lion Habitat Ranch entry prices?
General Admission - Adult
Out of State: $25
Local: $20
Seniors (Local or Out of State): $20
Military, Fire, Police (with ID): $18
College Student (with ID): $18

General Admission - Children
Child (3yrs and under): Free
Child (4 - 14yrs) - 1 Child is free with the purchase of Adult ticket
Extra child with Adult ticket: $10
Extra with Local ticket: $8

General Admission - Family Group
Two adults and Children under 14: $60
Local family rate (same as above): $50

Behind the Scene Tour
Adult: $150
Child: $75

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