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Little Darlings

Little Darlings

Little Darlings is a premier erotic destination and one of the most popular adult entertainment establishments in Las Vegas.

With plenty to see and do at the all-nude Gentleman’s Club, this makes for an unforgettable night out.

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Little Darlings boasts hundreds of female entertainers, making this a hotspot for guests with a wild and naughty streak. Start at the main stage where there are many seating options to catch up on all the action and live up every crazy fantasy. As the club gets busier by night, an additional stage is set up so that more girls can be a part of the show.

For the perfect experience, some private booths and special fantasy rooms are available to complete the picture. Lap dances are one of the most popular offerings at Little Darlings, as are couch and bed dances. Guests looking for some privacy get to enjoy the specialty theme rooms that are specially designed for private parties.

Enjoy a VIP experience to make the most of the club, with VIP seats and rooms available. To get value for your money, it is best to go for the VIP package for five that includes admission, a VIP booth, unlimited soda, and juice for each guest.

In addition to the regular shows, the club also boasts unique events and celebrations all year long. A number of the shows at the main stage will have the entertainers dressed in elaborate wear or themed costumes. Additional events range from special pricing to Couples’ nights, Hookah nights, and even meet-and-greet sessions with local stars.

One of the most popular promotions at the club is the ‘Wet Sets,’ which is a show that showcases the entertainers performing mind-blowing tricks with an array of liquids and mediums, such as chocolate and bubbles, among others.

To comply with the local laws as an all-nude club, Little Darlings does not serve any alcohol. The club is open between 11am and 6am on all days except Sunday when the club operates between 6pm and 4am. Free limo pickup services are available from 8pm.

In terms of a dress code, the only request is that guests dress respectfully and do not wear any gang-affiliated or otherwise offensive clothing.

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What is the Little Darlings address?
What are the Little Darlings opening hours?
Mon - Sat: 11am - 6am
Sun: 6pm - 4pm

Transportation offered from 8pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Little Darlings.
What are the Little Darlings entry prices?
Cover Charge
Visitors: $35
Locals & Pass: $15
Monday (Locals Night): Locals are Free
Military: Always Free

Please visit our website for more information on the Little Darlings.
What is the Little Darlings phone number?
What is the Little Darlings email address?

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