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Lost City Museum
Lost City Museum

Lost City Museum

The Lost City Museum is a popular attraction located about an hour’s drive from Las Vegas – a museum that pays its respects to the state’s natural history and rich cultural heritage.

The museum was built in 1935, and it is home to the numerous artifacts that have been excavated from one of the key sites in the region – the Pueblo Grande de Nevada.

Lost City Museum, Exhibits, Admission Ticket Prices & Hours, Overton NV

This site is an Anasazi Indian site from which the artifacts were preserved to prevent them from destruction following the accumulation of Lake Mead’s waters after the construction of the Hoover Dam between 1931 and 1936.

It is interesting to note that the museum was built on an actual pre-historic site, which is a powerful statement in its mission to showcase the region’s natural history. A closer look at the museum’s walls reveals it was built using sun-dried adobe bricks. Several reconstructed Anasazi pueblos are also present here.

Some of the displays show the site excavations, as well as the different artifacts unearthed during the process. Look out for the pictorial evidence of this process to re-imagine the complex undertaking. You may also visit the excavated pithouse for good measure.

Additionally, some of the artifacts that you can expect to see include a variety of tools, intricate jewelry pieces, and pottery. Look out for the beautiful South Paiute baskets too. With changing exhibits held every so often, the Lost City Museum is a worth visit.

As one of the state’s six museums, it is easy to see why Lost City is a popular option. Other activities that you can enjoy include engaging in outreach programs, tours for schools and groups, as well as special programs. Archaeological research is still ongoing at the remaining sites of interest.

The museum is also home to a gift shop filled with unique and quirky gifts, ranging from books, toys, and even jewelry. Depending on when you visit, you may come across the Special Events held all year long.

Lost City Museum is open all week between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

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