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Machine Guns Vegas

Machine Guns Vegas

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Machine Guns Vegas is the ultimate thrill in Las Vegas and is a unique activity that combines the best shooting range with a professional service and affordable packages for an engaging and immersive adventure.

As one of the city’s premier shooting ranges, this is the only location where you can fire the kind of guns that you have seen used by an extremely skilled SEAL team.

Machine Guns Vegas, Auto Packages & Experience Prices, Las Vegas

From modern firearms to historical handguns and even pink versions of your favorites, this experience is the chance to get a feel of what it is like to pull the trigger in a controlled environment. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a gun store, and therefore guns are not available for sale.

Prepare for the sensory experience of a lifetime the moment you head to Machine Guns Vegas. There are more than forty weapon options that include shotguns, pistols, semi-automatic and automatic weapons. To enjoy the most of your experience, just select one of the gun packages that suits your budget and desires. The beauty of shooting at this facility in Vegas is that it is also open for first-time shooters!

If you have never had this experience, there is no need to worry as there are friendly options for newbies. Some of the packages you can choose from including the Seal Team 6 package, the Gamers Experience package, and the SAS Experience.

One of the most popular packages is the Femme Fatale Experience package, which is a unique package where you’ll be able to experience brain-rattling, pulse-pounding exhilaration. Other amazing packages include the Kids, Experience, The Full Auto Experience, The Bonnie & Clyde, The Compound Experience, and Stars & Stripes.

Other add-ons that you can purchase at the shooting range include the Dig & Destroy Package, the Grand Canyon tour, as well as the Exotic Rides, where Machine Guns Vegas has partnered up with other service providers in the area.

Make sure you visit the premium Vegas lounge, which is the perfect place to unwind after a long day shooting things.

Machine Guns Vegas is located on Aldebaran Ave in Las Vegas.

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What are the Machine Guns Vegas entry prices?
The SEAL Team 6 Experience: $220
The Urban Assault Special: $99
The Femme Fatale Experience: $110
The Gamers Experience: $190
The Bonnie & Clyde: $299
Hand Job: $120
The SAS Experience: $190
Stars & Stripes: $150
The 5 Gun Package: $250
The Kids Experience: $55
The Full Auto Experience: $450
The Compound Experience: $975
The “Just Divorced” Experience: $499
Las Vegas Bachelorette Party!: $110
The Shotgun Wedding - Crazy Vegas Wedding Package: $690

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