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Mexican Hat

The Mexican Hat is a giant hoodoo and a famous landmark in Utah. The rock formation earned its name from its peculiar design that resembles a man donning a sombrero.

The giant rock rises right next to the San Juan River, and can easily be seen from Highway 163.

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While it is easy to marvel at its sheer grandiosity from the road, the best way to appreciate the beauty of this rock formation is to make a stopover. Simply exit the highway after spotting the signage located slightly north of the town of Mexican Hat. Visitors then get to branch out and park along any section of the dirt road that goes around the Mexican Hat itself.

Walk around the rock to catch glimpses of the San Juan River. This section of the rock also offers numerous vantage points to marvel at the rock’s splendor, with the wonderful views including seeing the river as it flows downwards, the glorious cliffs of the cedar Mesa in the distance, as well as Monument Valley to the south.

It is impossible to miss the vibrantly colored rocks of Raplee Anticline, which is a unique and folded upwarp that makes up part of the landscape. The geology of the Mexican Hat rock formation and its surrounding environment is simply beautiful.

Mexican hut is easily accessible using two key routes, both of which make for a fun-filled hike. These include the Bandito and Royal Robbins routes. The Bandito Route is preferable as it features bolts that climbers can use to get to the top of the rock. In contrast, the Royal Robbins is more difficult and is best suited for experienced hikers and rock climbers as it lacks bolts. This natural route requires climbers to scramble to the foot of the rock before climbing to the top.

The top offers sweeping views for ardent climbers and hikers who can make it. From here, some of the attractions that are easily visible include the nearby Mexican Hat township, the Valley of the gods, as well as Muley Point.

The Mexican Hat is an unforgettable adventure for your time in Utah.

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