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Moqui Cave
Moqui Cave

Moqui Cave

The Moqui Cave is an iconic landmark in southern Utah, and one of the area’s most popular destinations. The Cave is actually a natural history museum that houses artifacts sourced from Native American tribes, as well as a host of dinosaur tracks.

For visitors who want to learn more about the state’s natural history, this museum is the perfect place to be.

Moqui Cave, Hike & Admission Cost, Museum & Cafe, Kanab Utah

History has it that the Native Americans, also known as the Moqui and after whom the cave is named, used to store food in the cave about 1000 years ago. Since then, the cave has morphed into its present use as both a museum and gift shop. The cave was purchased in 1951 by The Chamberlain Family, who not only preserved it, but opened a tavern and dance hall a year later to make the cave a key attraction.

Today, visitors may not be able to order a drink, but the peculiar bar still stands. It is here that visitors will find a wide collection of artifacts and interesting items – one of the most outstanding collections being the unique fluorescent minerals and rocks collected from around the world. These minerals and rocks have made the cave home to the most extensive collection of its kind across America.

Look out for pre-Columbian artifacts that give a glimpse of Mexican history. It is impossible to miss the ceremonial utensils used back in the day, ranging from bowls to pots and jugs. A set of crude working tools is also on display at Moqui Cave – tools that were used by the Anasazi Navajo many hundreds of years ago.

Stop by at the gift store, which is tucked away in a sandstone chamber. Here, visitors can purchase items such as pots, dolls, artwork, and crafts, as well as intricately woven rugs. These make for wonderful souvenirs and are a great memory of a trip to the museum.

The Moqui Cave is located on Highway 89, just a few minutes from Kanab. Ample parking space is available for cars, RVs and tour buses.

It is a perfect destination for art lovers, antique collectors, and history buffs.

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