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Nopah Range Wilderness Area
Nopah Range Wilderness Area

Nopah Range Wilderness Area

The Nopah Range Wilderness Area is an expansive wilderness located in California.

The area borders the Resting Spring Range Wilderness and the South Nopah Range Wilderness to the north and south, respectively.

Nopah Range Wilderness Area, Hiking Trails & Camping Sites, California

Covering more than 106,623 acres of land, the vast wilderness is home to a part of the Nopah and the Resting Spring mountain ranges. This geologic diversity makes the wilderness a stunningly beautiful destination. The landscape is a symphony of alluvial fans, plains, mountain ranges, and river washes. This explains the biodiversity, with desert shrubs, cactus plants, and yucca plants.

It is easy to spot the different fauna, including the desert tortoises, the desert bighorn sheep, as well as the prairie falcons. The horses and wild burros are also a common sight in Chicago Valley. For nature lovers, Nopah Range Wilderness Area makes for a delightful escape.

A great outdoor destination, this wilderness area allows for an array of activities. Hiking is permitted throughout the area and is a fun-filled way of exploring the desert. Visitors are advised to make sure that they leave no trace, which is achieved by planning ahead, walking on existing trails, as well as disposing of waste properly.

Horseback riding is also a popular activity at the Nopah Range Wilderness Area. Riders are required to carry all the supplies they need, including water, as the wilderness area lacks facilities or any provisions. Pets are allowed here too, but must be on a leash throughout the stay.

Shooting is an adrenaline-packed activity that many outdoor lovers enjoy while in the wilderness. Note that it is a requirement to clean up and get rid of cartridges and target material used during the shooting. Glass is not permitted, and clay pigeons are not advisable due to the impact they have on the environment.

Accommodation at Nopah Range Wilderness Area is available in the form of camping. Camping is restricted to 14 days, after which campers must relocate and find a new camping site at least 25 miles from the original. Other activities to enjoy here include fishing, hunting, and trapping.

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