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Palazzo Waterfall Atrium
Palazzo Waterfall Atrium

Palazzo Waterfall Atrium

The Palazzo Waterfall Atrium is an iconic fountain whose proximity to the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian continues to attract visitors in Las Vegas.

Set in a lush garden, the fountain provides much-needed tranquility, almost completely detached from the buzz that characterizes the city of neon lights.

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The panoramic views of the garden are welcome sight the moment you set foot here. The manmade landscapes often awe first-time visitors because they are well-manicured, and sometimes feature insanely creative designs that will have you wondering how much time it took to create and maintaining the atrium.

The highlight of the garden is, of course, the atrium itself. It is adorned with lavish designs as the seasons change. One of the most exciting highlights of these changes is at the turn of the Chinese New Year when the colors bring to life the garden’s amazing flora. Spring brings with it vibrant colors before giving way to the brown hues of fall.

It is fascinating to note that the horticulture team works tirelessly to ensure that the seasons are in sync, making the garden an unforgettable part of a Las Vegas visit. At the time of its opening, the team designed 9-foot tall women with the lovely gowns handmade using thousands of flowers.

The design of the women paid homage to the Venetian Carnival outfits worn during the carnival. In the seasons that followed, the flowers were replaced to reflect the colorful changes that accompanied the seasons from summer to fall.

A must-visit, the atrium is an idyllic location to enjoy an evening stroll and watch as the city comes alive when dusk sets in. Look out for the cascading waterfall that covers more than two stories, and is flanked by escalators.

The Palazzo Waterfall Atrium is easily accessible from Las Vegas Boulevard. Entry is free, and the atrium is open 24 hours. Combine a visit at the atrium and explore the Venetian, where you can enjoy riding a gondola and even take a course to become a qualified gondolier.

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