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Route 66

Route 66, which is fondly referred to as ‘The Main Street of America’ or ‘The Mother Road’, is one of the must-experience locations near Las Vegas.

For locals, it brings about nostalgia from back in the day when the highway was characterized by early transport in America.

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Route 66 was one of the country’s original highways, which spans from Chicago through to Santa Monica in California. As such, the 2,500-mile-long highway passes through California and Arizona (not too far from the Nevada state border), bringing with it an adventure to visitors exploring the Wild West.

At the time of construction, Route 66 was the face of hope for settlers moving to the west in search of greener pastures. The arrival of these settlers brought with it the momentum that grew a number of the little settler towns along the highway. This eventually saw an increase in the number of establishments, ranging from trade posts to hotels, restaurants, and gas stations.

Presently, many of the early establishments are still visible from the highway, which is why a scenic drive along Route 66 features the calm and retro-vibes of the years gone by.

Enjoy this charming experience by taking time out and getting on the road for the adventure of a lifetime.

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