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Sky Combat Ace

Sky Combat Ace

Sky Combat Ace is a popular attraction that appeals to adrenaline junkies in Las vegan and takes pride in being the ultimate extreme adventure.

With no experience required to immerse yourself in this exhilarating experience, there is no excuse not to sign up for the unforgettable lessons in the desert playground.

Sky Combat Ace, Aerobatic Flights & Flying Training Price, Las Vegas

This unique aviation experience caters for just about everyone, So, whether you are ticking off an item on your bucket list, are looking forward to an adrenaline-pumped activity or are simply looking to improve your skills, Sky Combat Ace is the perfect place to take on this new experience. What’s more, you choose whether to enjoy the flight or get behind the controls under the guidance of qualified trainer pilots.

There are many experiences to choose from. Take on the aerobatics experience and choose from the following packages: the Explorer package for the basics, Operation Recon to get a feel of the Extra 330, or the Afterburner package for the unstoppable daredevil. The latter is packed with continuous spins, rolls, tumbles and flips for the full aerobatic air show.

The Top Gun package is specially designed for experienced pilots keen on improving their skills. This thrilling adventure allows participants to fly the planes through a complete routine – certainly not for the faint-hearted. Not feeling enthusiastic about the thrill? Then sign up for the Spectator package that allows you to ride along in a non-aerobatic aircraft.

For the adventurous at heart, air combat is the way to go. For instance, the Combat Wingman allows you to come up-close with the SCA fighter pilot’s dogfighting skills in what is best described as an incredibly mind-blowing session. Sky Combat is the package for air-to-air combat, with the choice if flying the plane alongside a trained pilot.

Other packages available in this experience include Operation Red Flag, Spectator, and combination Packages.

Rates for the different experiences start from $249 and go all the way up to $1995, with online booking recommended to secure a place.

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What are the Sky Combat Ace entry prices?
Please refer to the image gallery above for more information on each package

Explorer: $299 per person
Operation Recon: $349 per person
Afterburner: $499 per person
Top Gun: $699 per person
Spectator: From $249 per person

Air Combat
Combat Wingman: From $899 per person
Sky Combat: From $999 per person
Operation Red Flag: From $1999 per person
Spectator: From $249 per person

Adrenaline Rush: From $1299 per person
Operation Red Flag: From $1999 per person
Spectator: From $249 per person

Flight Training
Tailwheel Endorsement: $1995 per person
Upset Recovery Training: $1995 per person

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