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Slotzilla Zip Line
Slotzilla Zip Line

SlotZilla Zip Line

The SlotZilla Zip Line is an exciting attraction that promises to take thrill-seekers to newer heights in one of the city’s most popular attractions.

This unique zipline experience is not only the perfect adventure, but it is also a fantastic way to see all of the attractions in Downtown Las Vegas.

SlotZilla Zip Line, Ride Tickets Price & Cost, Fremont Street Las Vegas

SlotZilla is a slot machine that is 12 stories high, undoubtedly the biggest slot machine of its kind in Las Vegas. One of the fascinating parts about this zip line is that it features a number of the city’s most charming icons. These include video reels, a martini glass, two showgirls, and even pink flamingo thrown in for good measure.

There are two ways to enjoy the ride: you can either go for the zip line, or you could opt for the zoomline. The zip line features the participants seated in position before wheezing down and landing just between the Fremont Casinos and the Four Queens. This surreal landing brings you up close and personal with the iconic Fremont Street Experience within the pedestrian promenade.

For adrenaline junkies, the zoomline adventure is even more exciting. This ride takes participants more than 114 feet high. This is the equivalent of 10 stories up, and flyers are sent all the way through the Fremont Street Experience to the landing point at the Golden Gate.

The Golden Gate is an iconic part of the city’s history because is it the oldest hotel, having opened in 1906. Going for the upper Zoomline packs up more thrills by sending participants on what is fondly referred to as the ‘superhero-style’ – i.e. laying on your stomach and traveling head-first. This style is the most incredible part of the SlotZilla Zip Line experience as it offers dramatic views of the city at upwards of 30 miles per hour.

Look out for the 35-foot tall showgirls on each side of SlotZilla. History has it that the two showgirls would accompany the then-mayor to Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, to his numerous public appearances.

So, if you are looking for a pulse-raising adventure in Las Vegas, SlotZilla Zip Line is your best bet!

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What is the SlotZilla Zip Line address?
Fremont Street Experience
425 Fremont St #160, Las Vegas, NV

Please visit our website for more information on the SlotZilla Zip Line.
What are the SlotZilla Zip Line opening hours?
What are the SlotZilla Zip Line entry prices?
Zipline: $29
7 Stories High, Fly Seated, 2 Blocks Long

Zoomline: $49
11 Stories High, Fly Super Hero Style, 5 Blocks Long

Please visit our website for more information on the SlotZilla Zip Line.
What is the SlotZilla Zip Line phone number?
What is the SlotZilla Zip Line email address?

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