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St. George Utah Temple
St. George Utah Temple

St. George Utah Temple

The St George Utah Temple, formerly known as simply St. George Temple, is an LDS (Latter Day Saints) Church and a popular destination in Utah.

The beautiful temple has a rich history as it was the first church of its kind in the state of Utah.

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Following the death of the church’s founder, Joseph Smith, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LSD) migrated from Illinois to Utah, leading to the church’s construction in 1877. This church stands out because, unlike other Mormon Temples, its structure and design closely resemble that of the Nauvoo Temple in Illinois.

Today, the St. George Utah Temple still caters to its members and remains an integral center of worship for Mormons. Access to the temple itself is restricted, but visitors get the chance to stop by at the Visitors Centre located adjacent to the temple, as well as the meeting house across the road. Both stops provide excellent spots for photography.

The church’s stunning white architecture against the state’s red rock canyons provides a wonderful visual contrast. You can’t help but marvel at the temple’s stately exteriors that cause it to stand out from the city’s other buildings.

The visitor center provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the temple’s history, as well as fully appreciate the effort and sacrifice made to maintain its state more than a century later. Stop by at Brigham Young Winter Home, which is one of the historical sites where the then President, Brigham Young, spent the last few years of his life as he helped guide the construction of the temple.

The Jacob Hamblin Home is a historic site that is worth visiting. Fondly referred to as the ‘Friend of the Indians,’ Jacob Hamblin is credited with maintaining peace relations between Mormons and the natives. The home gives visitors a chance to walk back in time and imagine what his life was like, complete with drying fruits at the nearby orchard.

The St. George Utah Temple is an idyllic destination, whether you would love to learn about the church’s history, marvel at its structure, or simply explore one of Utah’s most unique destinations.

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Church closed for renovation
Estimated to be completed in 2022

St. George Utah Temple Visitors' Center
Mon - Sun: 9am - 9pm

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St. George Utah Temple Visitors' Center
Admission: Free

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