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Streetmosphere is an exciting experience for visitors at the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

As though St Mark’s Square and the Venetian canals reminiscent of the Italian city were not enough, the inclusion of an authentic entertainment is why you can get the full-Italian experience right in the heart of Las Vegas.

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A brainchild of The Grand Canal Shoppes, the attraction adds to the shopping experience for a memorable vacation. Streetmosphere typically includes performers and different forms of entertainment all through the walkways.

Take a break from the buzz of retail therapy and catch your breath as you get a glimpse of the entertainment throughout the mall. From opera singers to talented dancers and even stilt walkers, there is an array of different options on offer. One of the highlights of the Streetmosphere is the presence of ‘living statues’ who add some flair to the venue.

Living statues are entertainers stand as still as statues, and to the casual observer, may even appear inanimate. In their characteristic costumes, the living statues do not seem to move or even blink for hours on end – certainly an incredible feat to pull off. They neither laugh nor respond to visitors, making them a popular part of Streetmosphere.

A trip to St. Mark’s Square is incomplete without listening to ‘Carnevale di Venezia’ that plays all day long. Make plans to arrive early, grab a cup of coffee, and allow yourself to get whisked away to irresistible Italy. The production lasts 15 minutes and includes a couple of opera numbers!

During this performance, the entertainers typically engage with the audience, so do not be surprised if you are pulled up for a waltz. The little ones enjoy interacting with the stilted performers, and after the show, there is the chance to take a photo with the colorful team.

Visit in the early morning or late afternoon, and you are in for a treat as this is when the Gondoliers March takes place through the cobblestone walkways and ending at St Mark’s Square.

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