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Techatticup Mine

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The Techatticup Mine is a key attraction in the Mojave Wasteland, mainly because it is the oldest, richest, and most well-known gold mine in South Nevada.

The mine is located just 45 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip and is open for historical tours.

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Once the hotbed for Wild West activities, the mine’s deposits yielded enough gold to give rise to murderous plots, treacherous plans and a lot of claim-jumping. It has since undergone restoration and is today one of Southern Nevada’s most popular attractions.

As the center of one of the largest mining booms in the region, Techatticup Mine attracted hungry prospectors who arrived and immediately began mining. They dug numerous tunnels and shafts into the belly of the hills in a bid to follow the mineral veins into the ground. It was this boom that saw mine ownership become an extremely dangerous affair.

At one point, the murders were so frequent that law enforcers could not even access the area. After a few years, the boom plummeted, eventually leading to the abandonment of the Techatticup Mine. The mining area was dotted with old rickety houses and countless sheds, in addition to miles of tunnels.

Following years of neglect, the land was finally bought by the Werly Family, who began restoring the facility. This included restoring the old buildings, exploring the veins of gold and silver, as well as excavating a number of the tunnels.

Presently, the Werly family runs historical tours through parts of the expansive mine. Some tunnels run as far as 500 feet into the hills, providing a golden opportunity to spot the veins of unmined precious metal. Needless to say, the mine’s setting has made it a preferred destination for several blockbuster films, events, and photography shots.

Some of the amenities available at Techatticup Mine include picnic tables, a fireplace, a preparation area, a sink, as well as three BBQs. This is an ideal family destination as it combines the best of historical tours with the outdoor for a fulfilling adventure in one of Nevada’s most popular locations.

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What is the Techatticup Mine address?
What are the Techatticup Mine opening hours?
Mine tours are at 9am, 12pm and 2pm (only when there is 4 or more adults)
Reservations are required, so please call first

Closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve at noon and Christmas day

Please visit our website for more information on the Techatticup Mine.
What are the Techatticup Mine entry prices?
Adults (13yrs & Over): $15
Kids (5 - 12yrs): $10
Kids Under 5yrs: Free

Please visit our website for more information on the Techatticup Mine.
What is the Techatticup Mine phone number?

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