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Palomino Club

The Palomino Club is an iconic landmark in Las Vegas’ entertainment scene. This premier adult entertainment club stands out from the rest because it is not only an all-nude club, it is also one of only two that serves alcohol in the city.

This makes it a popular destination as clubs that serve liquor are restricted to topless dancers only.

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Las Vegas visitors are often fascinated upon learning that The Palomino Club is an all-nude club that sells alcoholic drinks. Part of the reason for this is that the site was grandfathered at a time when it was decided that nudity and alcohol do not go too well together, giving the Palomino a clear advantage over other Las Vegas clubs. As such, this all nude-club has some of the best deals you can find.

Get to the club in style with the complimentary shuttle that picks guests up from their respective hotels and takes them to the club. Free transportation is available from 4pm when a reservation is made online or over the phone. Best of all, this ride is a round trip, so guests can be certain to be dropped back at their hotel. In the absence of the free shuttle rides, guests would need to pay a cover charge that varies depending on the mode of transportation.

On arrival at the off-Strip club, guests can’t help but appreciate how integrated Palomino is into the Las Vegas landscape. The club boasts that grand old Vegas feel, complete with its large main stage, the elegant interior décor, and the elegant VIP areas.

The club offers flexible packages so that guests can make the most of the Palomino experience. These packages include the Pre-Game, Flying Solo, Two of a kind, Crazy 8, as well as the Best of Both worlds.

The Bucket of Booze caters for a maximum of eight guests and includes three half bottles and one pitcher of beer. Premium packages include the Palomino High Roller that caters to an unlimited number of guests, as well as Ringside Seating for a maximum of 10 guests and exclusive access to the stage.

The Palomino Club is located in North Las Vegas – not far from Downtown Las Vegas and is open seven days a week from 4pm.

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Cover Charge
Visitors: The price can vary depending on the method of transportation used to get to the club
Las Vegas Locals: Free as long as you drive yourself

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