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The Range 702
The Range 702

The Range 702

The Range 702 is a fun and exciting shooting range located in Paradise, Las Vegas.

Perfect for visitors looking for an excellent adrenaline-charged experience, this shooting range is the ideal spot to shoot machine guns with the option of many different packages to suit different preferences.

The Range 702, Shooting Range, Discount Packages & Prices, Las Vegas

A visit to the premier shooting range will open your eyes to the thrill and tact required. Whether you are a newbie looking to pick up a new hobby or have acquired some skill behind the trigger, you can be sure to have an exciting session.

On arrival, visitors are welcomed by the staff and introduced to the range safety officer. This is a critical part of the whole experience as it ensures that visitors receive a safety briefing before going to the shooting lanes.

After the short introduction, visitors are led to their designated shooting lanes. One of the packages that stand out at the range is the ‘Triple Threat’ Package. Just as the name suggests, this allows you to pick any three of the guns from the vault and have at it with your choice of fun and exciting targets to hit! With the ability to choose three of the world’s most iconic guns, why not go with the MP5 submachine gun, the Glock handgun, as well as the Soviet Kalashnikov – for some variety.

The latter is perhaps one of the most popular options as it is the originating firearm from the Kalashnikov rifle, popularly referred to as the ‘AK’ family. The Glock handgun is often referred to as a ‘Safe action’ pistol. The MP5 is a popular series among submachine guns around the world. Used by the military in different parts of the world, shooting with this gun provides an unforgettable thrill and is one of the highlights of visiting The Range 702.

For those who would like some privacy, there is the option of choosing a private space. These are ideal for groups, and typically allow separation from other patrons. The option of a semi-private setting is also available, and this means that, while there is a designated space, it is not entirely separated from the other patrons.

Other amenities at The Range 702 include an in-house sound system, Wi-Fi, DVD player, and ample parking space. The Range 702 is located at 5999 Dean Martin Drive in Las Vegas.

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What is the Range 702 address?
What are the Range 702 opening hours?
What are the Range 702 entry prices?
Treatment-19: From $19
Black Ops Experience: From $184.95
Adrenaline Rush: From $599.95
Quadzilla Experience: From $99.95
One And Done: From $59.95
Area 51: From $144.95
Judgment Day Experience: From $279.95
Triple Threat: From $144.95
Unicorn Experience: From $114.95
Couples Therapy: From $299.95
50 Cal Experience: From $25
Zombie Hunt: From $164.95
Femme Fetale: From $89.95
Mg42 Experience: From $149.95
Extreme: From $499.95
All In Experience: From $999.95
Vip Bachelor Party: From $179.95
Vip Bachelorette Party: From $179.95

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