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The Writer’s Block
The Writer’s Block

The Writer’s Block

The Writer’s Block is a popular bookstore located on South 6th St in Downtown Las Vegas.

This unique attraction is perfectly suited for bookworms and anyone curious about exploring the city’s literature offerings.

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Founded by Cohen and Scott Seeley, The Writer’s Block also sells books and stationery from across the globe. The inclusion of toys, board games, and charming trinkets, adds to the store’s unique predisposition as a fun attraction in Las Vegas.

The bookstore sells books that are as varied as the topics available. From books that delve into traditional cultures globally to geographical books that highlight the topology of some of the biggest parks in the world and even those that explore the solar system, it means that there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Writer’s Block.

One of the highlights here is the print lab that is located at the front end of the shop. This lab allows for the production and sale of handmade books and stationery for those with a unique taste.

The young ones are not forgotten as there are regular workshops held at the bookstore. These are typically designed for kids between 5 and up to 18 years and allows them to explore their creativity. The workshops range from Young Readers’ Book Clubs to writers’ workshops and even those that center around writing fairy tales and superhero tales. The point of the workshop is to hone creative skills in kids at an early age.

Visit Codex, which is the writers’ studio on-site at the book store. This studio is designed to promote education, production, and publishing to reach a wider literary audience. Authors and artists in their respective fields can plug in through the seminars and clubs held to celebrate this form of art. Field trips and classes are available at no cost for locals who sign up for the program.

The Writer’s Block is also home to an artificial bird sanctuary that highlights the history of language and literature.

This bookstore makes for an insightful trip, so make your way to Downtown Las Vegas and enjoy the best it has to offer.

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