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Tropicana Lv Weddings
Tropicana Lv Weddings

Tropicana LV Weddings

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Tropicana LV Weddings are all about simple elegance for a memorable Las Vegas wedding. The hotel features different venues, unique packages, and an assortment of products to make your big day a success.

In addition to this, couples also get to enjoy world-class customer service that makes the wedding planning a stress-free process.

Tropicana LV Weddings, Venues, Ceremony Packages, Prices, Las Vegas

The Island Chapel is one of the most popular venues at the Tropicana Las Vegas. This venue is a charming all-white chapel whose tropical theme is easy to pick up with the palm trees and plantation shutters. The Island Chapel seats 96 and may be customized to suit the couple’s needs.

The Terrace is a spacious private patio whose main highlight is the amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip nearby. A lush garden surrounds the stone patio, providing a great backdrop for the outdoor wedding. The Terrace seats 150 guests.

The Courtyard is also available for a beautiful wedding ceremony. The cobblestone venue is flanked by swaying palm trees and enchanting flower gardens. The intricate rock pattern, coupled with the cascading waterfalls at the front, adds to the ceremony’s lighthearted feel. Just like the Terrace, the Courtyard also has a capacity of 150.

The Arbor is a splendid garden venue whose white wooden altar and intimate space make it ideal for small weddings. In sharp contrast, the Havana Room is the perfect venue for a lavish wedding. With its stunning chandeliers and tasteful European-themed decor, this sophisticated ballroom caters for weddings of up to 300 guests.

Once couples have selected a venue, the next option is the choice of a wedding package. The different package categories available include silver, gold, and platinum – all with different benefits. Specialty packages are also available and include unique choices such as the ‘Basic’ package for a personalized option, ‘Enchanting Winter’ with seasonal upgrades, as well as the all-inclusive ‘Enduring Love’.

Tropicana LV Weddings also includes a wide collection of add-on services, which range from photography and videography packages to wedding attire, fresh flowers, wedding cakes, as well as thoughtful keepsakes to take home from the Tropicana.

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What is the Tropicana LV Weddings address?
Tropicana Las Vegas
3801 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Please visit our website for more information on the Tropicana LV Weddings.
What are the Tropicana LV Weddings opening hours?
Office Hours
Mon - Thu: 9am - 7:30pm
Fri - Sun: 9am - 7:30pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Tropicana LV Weddings.
What are the Tropicana LV Weddings entry prices?
Wedding and renewal packages range from $95 for the Sign & Go Package and up to $9,100 for the Allure package
An additional weekend fee may apply

Other services that can be purchased include Wedding Dress and Tuxedo Rentals, Photography/Videography, Live Ceremony Music, Limousine Service, Salon Services, Wedding Cake Options, and Floral Designs

Please visit our website for more information on the Tropicana LV Weddings.
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