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World’s Tallest Thermometer
World’s Tallest Thermometer

World’s Tallest Thermometer

The World’s Tallest Thermometer is an iconic landmark located in Baker, California. The thermometer, just as the name suggests, is the tallest of its kind around the world.

The sign weighs more than 30 tons and measures an incredible 134 feet tall.

World’s Tallest Thermometer, History Address & Location, Baker California

The thermometer was put in place in remembrance of the record temperatures recorded at Death Valley on 10th July 1913 – the highest ever at 134 degrees Fahrenheit (57 degrees Celsius). Interestingly, the thermometer can only display temperatures up to a maximum of 134 degrees, in recognition of the record set more than a century ago.

History has it that the thermometer was built in 1991, which was undertaken by the Young Electric Sign Company based in Utah. Its height, at 134 feet, was also chosen to honor the record set in Death Valley (i.e. the 134 degrees Fahrenheit). However, shortly after it was built, strong winds led to its breaking into two.

The company built the thermometer again, but a couple of years later severe winds caused it to sway so much that the company chose to reinforce the electric sign with concrete. Decades later, the monument stands strong.

Stop by at the gift shop, aptly named TEMP134, and get some quirky souvenirs. Check out the novelty trinkets, clothes, and even the original thermometer light bulbs that were sourced from when the thermometer originally got damaged.

One of the highlights of a visit to the World’s Tallest Thermometer is the chance to see the unique exhibits. Make sure to stop by the one that shows the conditions that are required to fry an egg and how hot the skillet must be. This is pretty fascinating for most first time visitors, and especially inquisitive kids exploring the monument.

The World’s Tallest Thermometer is visible from three unique perspectives, including the Interstate-15 and at the Mojave Desert in southern California. The monument is located at 72157 Baker Blvd and can be accessed by taking Exit 246 off the I-15.

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