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Xbu: X Burlesque University
Xbu: X Burlesque University

XBU: X Burlesque University

XBU: X Burlesque University gives Vegas visitors the opportunity of a lifetime to learn the subtle art of burlesque. Burlesque refers to the art of cabaret-style striptease, peppered by the showgirl sway to give an erotic performance unlike any other.

There is no better place to learn this form of art than at the world’s entertainment capital – an unforgettable experience.

XBU: X Burlesque University, Classes & Lessons, Flamingo Las Vegas

The 75-minute program is hosted by some of the hottest burlesque dancers who perform at the different X-branded shows, led by Angela Stabile. Stabile is the producer of the risqué X-brand revues, which have become a quintessential part of the Vegas night experience.

The team focuses on teaching visitors how to be the best burlesque dancer they can be, with the hot dancers who make up the instructing team well versed in this sensual form of art. Visitors get to enjoy the fun-packed course at the same venue where the cast breathes life into the X Burlesque shows. Best of all, participants also get the chance to learn about the art of seduction explained in an easy-to-understand setting.

The program covered by XBU: X Burlesque University includes directions on dance styles, sexy swaying, posture, and perhaps the most well-known aspect of burlesque performances, pole dancing. The focus of this course is to equip participants with the skills they need to capture their audience’s attention.

The course also provides instructions on the use of clothing, makeup application, and the importance of coordinated choreography. Many participants are thrilled to wear the stilettos and strut with the feather boa as instructed by the X showgirls. After the session, participants get the chance to enjoy the spotlight, just like the showgirls do.

This brief course also highlights the grace and poise that goes into burlesque shows and gives participants a whole new appreciation for the talented cast. At the end of the course, the participants get merchandise to take home. These include a pair of fake lashes, lipstick, and a personal photo alongside a certificate to show their prowess.

XBU – X Burlesque University is located at Bugsy’s Cabaret within the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

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