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Zia Records

Zia Records

Zia Records is an oasis for music lovers in Las Vegas and a unique attraction that continuously draws music lovers who are interested in learning more about the local music scene.

Located 10-15 minutes away from the Strip (10 minutes for the Eastern Avenue store and 15 minutes for the Rainbow Blvd store), Zia Records is a quirky and insightful place to visit.

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Zia Records is the perfect place to check out the music at a listening station. In a world that has made music readily available at the touch of a button, Zia Records adds a retro touch to the whole experience. With great prices for an array of new and used CDs, this is the perfect stop for music lovers to browse.

One of the highlights of exploring Zia Records, depending on when you do it, is the availability of new music releases every Friday. Different genres are available, ranging from rock to hip hop, country, and even band music! It is impossible to talk about music without mentioning the collection vinyl available at the store. Ideal for vintage-lovers, a vinyl record makes for a perfect souvenir. That is not all, as Zia Records is also home to some of the best movies available on DVD and Blu ray.

Branded apparel and accessories are also available at Zia Records, which includes keychains, snapback hats, and even tote bags. Tee shirts are also available for sale in different sizes, with the designs reflecting the wide selection of music and movies on sale at Zia Records.

Zia Records provides an insightful glimpse into the local music scene alongside a wide range of quality products.

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