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Zion Canyon Overlook
Zion Canyon Overlook

Zion Canyon Overlook

The Zion Canyon Overlook is a favorite for visitors exploring Zion National Park. With some of the most breathtaking shots of the canyon below, it is easy to see why this hike is worth the effort.

This moderate hike is suitable for the whole family and packs up quite an adventure for the little ones.

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To get to the trailhead, visitors just need to take Route 9 that goes through the iconic Zion-Mt. Carmel tunnel before opening up to the Upper East Canyon. The trailhead for the Canyon Overlook Trail that leads to the overlook is located at the car park close to the tunnel.

The hike to the overlook is short and enjoyable, making it a great option for the kids too. This hike boasts scenic views of the Pine Creek Slot Canyon down below. Look out for the shaded sections that dot the landscape, and it’s fascinating to see the verdant green ferns that grow on the walls and in the recesses along the trail.

As the trail wanders its way to the overlook, the vastness of the Zion Canyon opens up, with its spectacular rock formations easy to see on the sides of the canyon. Look out for Bridge Mountain, which is the highest peak located on the left side of the canyon.

To the right, you can’t help but marvel at the East Temple, which is a stunning rock formation tucked away above the viewpoint. At more than 2,200 feet, the East Temple is an excellent photography subject. Other scenic views include the numerous switchbacks just below the Mount Carmel Tunnel, the Streaked Wall, and the West Temple.

It helps to visit early as the parking spaces located just outside the tunnel fills up rather fast. Adventure seekers may also choose for a night hike to enjoy the clear night sky and enjoy some star-gazing. It is important to note too that visiting the Zion Canyon Overlook can be dangerous during or after a rainstorm, so visitors are advised to exercise caution – particularly on the edges of the steep cliffs.

Zion Canyon Overlook is a must-visit when exploring the canyon, and remains open all year-round.

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What is the Zion Canyon Overlook address?
What are the Zion Canyon Overlook opening hours?
It's advised to hike during daylight hours only

Zion Canyon Visitor Center
Open daily, except Dec. 25th
Summer hours: 8am - 8pm
Fall hours: 8am - 6pm
Winter and Spring hours: 8am - 5pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Zion Canyon Overlook.
What are the Zion Canyon Overlook entry prices?
Weekly Passes
Private Vehicle: $35
Motorcycle: $30
Non-Vehicle Per Person: $20

Please visit our website for more information on the Zion Canyon Overlook.
What is the Zion Canyon Overlook phone number?

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