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Champagnes Cafe
Champagnes Cafe

Champagnes Cafe

Champagnes Cafe is an iconic establishment in Las Vegas.

Having been around since 1966, the bar has seen its fair share of celebrities through the years, but they have had loyal regulars who have made the cafe their home throughout the decades – and for a good reason!

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The bar first opened as Sundown Liquors & Cocktail Lounge. Unfortunately, after a fire just after its opening, it took a year to reopen and was then known as The Inner Circle. That was its heyday, with several world-famous mobsters and celebrities were known to frequent this well-loved watering hole for drinks and a good time.

During the ’70s, The Inner Circle’s owners changed hands, and it was named Huey’s. Through the decades, Huey’s changed owners several more times. Finally, in 1993, it was Champagnes Cafe. Some of the famous names who visited the cafe include Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, as well as mobsters and mistresses.

A visit to Champagnes Cafe today will take you back in time. The current wallpaper is still the same as what was used at The Inner Circle. It’s also rumored that the stunning vintage leather booths were still the very same ones that were there from the very start.

When visiting Las Vegas, be sure to stop by Champagnes Cafe. If only the walls could talk, the stories they would tell! They have an excellent menu of classic cocktails, and its walls speak of history.

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