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Double Down Saloon

Double Down Saloon

The Double Down Saloon is one of the best bars in Las Vegas. Home to the best of gambling, boozing, and live music, this bar is your go-to choice for a good time in the city.

It is little wonder that the bar is referred to as the’ happiest place on earth’.

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Double Down Saloon adds some much-needed liveliness and energy to Las Vegas. Since the bar first opened its doors to the public in 1992, the Saloon has become a must-visit when exploring the city. A perfect clubhouse for the party animal, the bar is open 24/7.

On arrival, one of the first things you will notice is the numerous murals that adorn the walls and ceiling, with videos streaming from every corner at the bar. What’s more, the bar hosts exciting events from time to time, with live bands from all around the world. The Jukebox is at the heart of all entertainment at Double Down, with surf, punk, rockabilly, and garage renting the air 24/7.

Every show is free, providing great entertainment for everyone at the Double Down Saloon, with shows typically beginning at 10pm (unless stated otherwise). Complimentary parking is provided on Friday and Saturday nights, allowing accessibility from Swenson and Paradise.

Enjoy lively gaming at the Saloon, with free drinks for gamblers looking to try their luck. Some of the games available include Blackjack, Keno, Slots, Caveman, and Deuces – with better odds than you can find anywhere else on the Strip.

Stop by at the shop to buy wonderful merchandise such as tees, lighters, souvenir glasses, and posters, among others.

For a bar whose slogan is ‘Shut up and Drink’, it is no surprise that this wild psychedelic setting is one of the most popular destinations in Las Vegas. Make your way to the Double Down Saloon for the night of fun, drinks, and gaming.

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