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Stage Door Casino
Stage Door Casino

Stage Door Casino

The Stage Door Casino is a unique establishment tucked away in the heart of Las Vegas and surrounded by luxury lounges and glitzy casinos.

This gem is within an easy walking distance of the Strip, allowing easy access to the glamorous options available on the Strip.

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On arrival, visitors are welcomed to some of the most affordable drink prices in town. It is impossible to miss the marquee that proudly announces the remaining number of years on the casino’s lease.

Inside the Stage Door Casino are two bars that link to an adjacent convenience store. Walking through the casino’s doors, there’s a unique mix of patrons, from locals who have made the casino a regular hang-out joint to curious first-timers and those who are out to have a good time.

One of the reasons why the Stage Door Casino draws in such a diverse crowd is its affordable drinking deals. With drinks selling from as little as one dollar, it is easy to see why this is a must-visit when exploring Las Vegas’ different gems. Beers and shots are lined up at the bar, and everyone indulges and mingles freely.

The casino’s primary focus is a happy drinking atmosphere, which is precisely why the only food available is a big hot dog that is offered as a beer and hot-dog combination.

It is interesting to note that while the establishment includes the name ‘casino,’ it really isn’t necessarily a popular spot for avid gamblers. The stage door is home to some video poker machines, with a few upgrades in recent years.

The Stage Door Casino is the perfect place to escape the glitz and glamour associated with the Strip and is ideal for those who love their drinks.

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