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Las Vegas Time
Las Vegas Time

Las Vegas Time

While traveling the USA, knowing the time zone for Las Vegas allows visitors to plan their trips more effectively, particularly those from far away destinations where the time difference can be massive.

This can impact the perceived travel time, making it essential to understand the city’s time difference.

Las Vegas Time Now, Pacific Time Zone (PST), Nevada & USA Map

Las Vegas is in the America Los Angeles time zone, which is also referred to as USA Pacific Time Zone. The Pacific Standard Time (abbreviated PST) in the US is eight hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). As such, Las Vegas time is denoted as GMT-8.

One of the most important things to known about Las Vegas time is that, like most states across America, Daylight Saving Time is adhered to in the city. Daylight Saving Time (DST) refers to adjusting the time to obtain more evening daylight during the summer. This is achieved by setting international clocks one hour ahead of the set standard time.

During DST, the time in Las Vegas is shifted to the Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), which is ahead by an hour. Consequently, during summer, Las Vegas is denoted as GMT-7& as it is then seven hours behind the GMT. At the end of summer, the local Las Vegas Time shifts to the usual Pacific Standard Time or GMT-8.

In addition to the city’s local time, it also helps to know sunrise and sunset times. This is particularly important for visitors looking for adventure in the great outdoors. Depending on the destination of choice, moonrise and moonset times are also a key variable. For instance, The Nellis dunes are a great location to watch the moon as it rises.

Las Vegas is an exciting destination and the heart of entertainment in the USA. From its world-class shows to its fine dining restaurants and state-of-the-art venues, there is every reason to visit this spectacular city. Many flights to Las Vegas arrive daily at the McCarran International Airport, so simply plan your trip and know what the local time is before setting out on a memorable holiday.

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