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Westcliff Airport Express
Westcliff Airport Express

Westcliff Airport Express

The Westcliff Airport Express (WAX) is an express bus service that connects the Suncoast Hotel and Casino and Downtown Las Vegas to the McCarran International Airport.

These services were designed with passengers in mind to offer seamless connections to and from the airport. The express bus’ operations are managed by the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC).

Westcliff Airport Express (WAX), Bus Route Map & Fare Prices, Las Vegas

The Westcliff Airport Express travels from McCarran International Airport’s two terminals (Terminal 1 and Terminal 3) to Downtown Las Vegas and onto the Westcliff Transit Center.

For passengers arriving at the airport, it is essential to note that the bus makes only one stop on the Las Vegas Strip. The stop is at Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard, providing an easy connection that makes it possible to travel from the airport to different parts of the city.

The Westcliff Airport Express runs daily, from 5:45am to 11:15pm on weekdays, and from 6:30am to 11:45pm on the weekend. The frequency of the bus service varies depending on traffic. During peak hours, the bus runs approximately every 30 minutes, and during off-peak hours, the service runs every hour or so.

To get to the Westcliff Airport Express (WAX) bus stop at Terminal 1, take the elevator from the Baggage Claim area and go one level down. Walk out of the building and take the pedestrian crosswalk before reaching the RTC bus stop.

At Terminal 3, make your way from the Baggage Claim area and take the elevator to the building’s level 2. Exit the building and use the pedestrian crosswalk from where the WAX bus stop is visible from door 44.

To get the best value from this express bus service, there are several payment options available. For visitors staying for a short time, the single-ride is the best option (which is payable by cash). Save some money with the WAX Pass, which ranges from the two-hour to the 24-hour passes, as well as the 15 and 30-day access passes.

Tickets for the Westcliff Airport Express bus may be purchased at the Ticket Vending Machines located at the airport’s bus stops.

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Running to/from Suncoast and the McCarran Airport, Terminal 3 (Departures Level)

Please refer to the route map above, Las Vegas, NV

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