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For close to two decades, Bill Maher has established himself as an authority as far as the political talk of the American landscape is concerned.

With shows such as Politically Incorrect and Real Time to his name, Maher’s ability to deliver big laughs with unwitting honesty has earned him a great following, with more than 30 Emmy nominations, and an Emmy Award in 2014.

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The comedy genius started his career in New York before launching off into the club scene.

His quick wits and double punches mean that there’s a lot to say, so the audience is advised to come with some thick skin and an open mind. The 90-minute show provides unique insight into the global political climate, current events, and mass media with great servings of satire and commentary.

For diehard fans of Real Time with Bill Maher, the show is a chance to meet him in a more relaxed setting – away from the suit and ties and more of the jeans and Hawaiian tee. At the end of the show, it is not uncommon for visitors to steep into Bill’s humor and thought-provoking topics long after he exits the stage.

Due to the strong language at the Bill Maher Show, this show is not appropriate for children. Age restrictions are present for children 15 and younger, while those between 16 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult above 18. It is advisable to check in at least an hour before the show begins.

The show is held at the David Copperfield Theater at the MGM Grand. Tickets may be purchased at any of the MGM Resorts box offices or online.

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