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Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

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Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is a popular performance show that boasts human performers alongside their trained furry friends.

The inclusion of animal performers makes this a unique show for a city known for its over-the-top entertainment options.

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The award-winning show is an ideal way to spend some time in Vegas with the whole family, especially for those who love their animals. Led by Gregory Popovich, the team consists of talented animal co-stars, much to the excitement of the cheering crowd.

More than two dozen pets are on the show, and a fascinating thing to learn is that all of the animals were once rescued from animal shelters. The pets were then trained and given a new leash of life, quite literally. The pets include geese, dogs, cats, miniature horses, and goats.

Some of the acts that the animals perform include tightrope walking, rope skipping, and even balancing delicately on metallic balls. This is fun for the whole family; after all, where will you spot a dog dressed up in fireman gear attempting to put out a fire? What about a dog enjoying a stroller ride driven by his cat co-star?

The exhilarating stunts at Popovich Comedy Pet Theater continue to wow audiences who regularly attend the shows. Gregory’s rich experience as a circus performer enabled him to gain trust with the animals, effectively creating one of Las Vegas’ most exciting shows.

The comedy show runs between Tuesday and Saturday, from 2:30PM. It is a 75-minute long family-oriented show with no age restrictions, so kids will especially love watching the animals perform some stunts.

To get to the show, make your way to V Theater at Planet Hollywood, easily accessible from the Las Vegas Strip. Visitors are advised that the nearest Monorail Station is the MGM Grand for easy access.

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater delivers its promise to entertain. Tickets are available online and also at the V Theater, with the option of group bookings.

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