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Mike Hammer Comedy Magic

Mike Hammer Comedy Magic

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Mike Hammer Comedy Magic is a show with an edge – combining the best of comedy with magic, for an impressive performance.

Mike Hammer’s witty comebacks, coupled with his magic tricks, make him one of Las Vegas’ most sought after acts.

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With close to three decades of experience under his belt, Hammer is a master comic-magician who comes alive on stage. His sarcasm is unparalleled, and his magic, evocative. Put the two together, add some sass, and it is easy to see why Hammer nails his shows.

Whether that’s introducing a guest as a killer, or leaping off stage in fake annoyance, Hammer’s splendid humor adds to the show’s spectacle. Only he can get away with his rude humor that leaves his audiences in stitches during the fast-paced show.

His bag of magic tricks contains acts that range from ingesting razorblades to mind-reading gags and finally ending with the Pick Pocket Booth of Solitude. This last act sums up the essence of ‘Getting Hammer’d’ at the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show. Look out for the front-row priest, retiree, and nurse who are not just audience members, but part of the cast that showcases this stellar performance.

Audiences love Mike Hammer, and for the 70 minutes that the show runs, they are treated to awe-inspiring acts. Ticket prices are quite affordable for a show in Las Vegas, with the shows running from Tuesday to Saturday at 7pm and is recommended for visitors 13 years and above.

The Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show is held at the Canyon Club inside the Four Queens Hotel & Casino. So, whether you are looking for a night of good laughs and creative magic, or simply want to explore Vegas’ sizzling entertainment, then this show is one of the events you must check out.

The show offers great value for your money and is one of the highlights of a Vegas vacation.

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What date is the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic?
What time is the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic?
Where is the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic located?
What is the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic address?
Four Queens Hotel & Casino 202 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV

Please visit our website for more information on the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic.
What are the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic entry prices?
General Admission: $29 + Fees
VIP Admission: $39 + Fees

VIP Admission includes vip line pass and seating, plus one drink

Please visit our website for more information on the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic.
What is the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic phone number?

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