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Area 51 Tours

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Area 51 tours are a fascinating way to explore one of Nevada’s most popular attractions. The region is tucked away on a remote portion of land just about 83 miles from Las Vegas.

This is a top-secret military installation that has long enthralled visitors touring the region.

Area 51 Tours, Day Trips, Prices, UFOs & Alien Tours From Las Vegas

Area 51 is the popular name for the top-secret facility sprawled across the 3-million acre range, which is thought to be home to aliens that have birthed many conspiracy theories over the years. To learn more and find out whether there were actual UFOs, you need to book one of the Area 51 tours.

The tours typically start at Rachel, which is about half a mile from the road and the closet town to Area 51. The tour makes a stopover at one of the popular inns, The A’Le’ Inn. On arrival, you can’t miss the unmistakable UFO-inspired parking space alongside an alien mural and welcome sign directed towards the ‘earthlings.’ While you’re at it, look out for the ABC meal, which is a burger that is aptly named the Alien Burger with Cheese.

After lunch, the Area 51 tour continues and takes visitors through the virgin country and numerous non-alien stopovers before coming to a stop at the Alien Mark Stone. This rock features drawings believed to have been made by people who saw aliens.

Some tour companies will offer UFO Hunting and Stargazing for visitors who are enthusiastic about alien sightings and the possibility of other-worldly beings. The provision of low-light video cameras and night vision equipment takes the adventure up a notch.

If you have some money to splurge, go all out with an Area 51 sky trip. This exciting flight is all about taking command of the radar screen, flying at terrific speeds, and looking up UFO sightings. It is an aerial tour like no other.

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