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Las Vegas Trike Tours
Las Vegas Trike Tours

Las Vegas Trike Tours

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Las Vegas trike tours offer a unique and fun-filled way to experience the best of Las Vegas. Riding a trike is an exciting way to see many of Vegas’ nearby attractions in considerably less time.

One of the perks of doing so is that you don’t need a motorcycle license to enjoy the adventure.

Las Vegas Trike Tours, Strip, Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon Adventures

Simply sign up for the tour, take a brief training session, and you are well on your way to sightseeing. The trike’s three wheels are a great option, and you benefit from the services of having a personal tour guide. What’s more, each trike carries two passengers, so you can easily take turns for this fun-filled experience.

One of the most popular trike operators is the Las Vegas Trike Tours. The Vegas-based company offers a fun tour for first-time visitors experiencing the vibrant energy of the world’s most energetic city. With millions of visitors to the city each year, it is easy to see why trike tours are such a hit.

There are two tours to choose from here: the Hoover Dam Trike Tour and the Las Vegas VIP Pawn Star Strip Tour. The tour of the Hoover Dam is a mind-blowing work of engineering and is among the highlights of any Vegas trip. Picture the sheer thrill of riding above the dam on your own trike, all the while enjoying the splendid views of the surrounding Lake Mead. This five-hour tour includes breaks for refreshments and photograph-taking.

If you have always been fascinated by the Las Vegas Strip, then the VIP pawn star strip tour is specially designed for you. This tour also takes five hours, and there’s no better first stop to make than the iconic ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign for photographs.

From here, the next stop is at the Shelby American Museum, where you get to learn about the history of America’s most popular muscle cars. The next destination is the famous Pawnshop that you may be familiar with from History Channel’s show, Pawn Stars. If you are lucky, you may just meet up with Rick and the crew. Other stops on this tour are located in Downtown Las Vegas.

Las Vegas trike tours are an experience you don’t want to miss!

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