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Cactus Springs

Cactus Springs

Cactus Springs is a tiny community located in Clark County, about 40 minutes’ drive northwest of Las Vegas.

Its proximity to the Mojave Desert, Indian Springs, and even the Nevada Test Site makes it an exciting destination for the quintessential outdoor experience in Nevada.

Cactus Springs Hotels, Attractions, Temple & Mobile Home Parks Map, NV

One of the highlights of the small community is its collection of tiny waterholes right next to Highway 95. Home to a couple of cottonwood trees, shrubs, and honey mesquite bushes, the area’s great biodiversity provides a thriving home for birds.

Some of the most common bird species at Cactus Springs include Common Ravens, House Flinches, as well as Mourning Doves. This landscape also attracts migratory bird species, among them accipiters and warblers. Look out for the springs in the area – an oasis in the heart of the desert landscape. The springs are mostly pools but lack running water& – except for the wetter months.

Away from its natural aspect, Cactus Springs is also the perfect place to watch aircraft, thanks to its proximity to the Creech Air Force Base. It is not uncommon to spot drone aircraft and even more advanced military planes like bombers. On a good day, visitors may be able to spot aerial demonstration teams in action.

The Temple of Sekhmet is one of the region’s popular attractions. The temple was built in 1933 by peace activist Genevieve Vaughan. The temple’s sacred space is built on the principles of Peace and Goddess Spirituality and is open daily between 8am and 6pm. Most importantly, night visits and rituals are strictly by appointment. This fertility shrine also hosts the yearly Sacred Peace Walk.

To get to the town, take the drive on Highway 95 to Indian Springs for about 40 minutes. Proceed northwest for a couple of miles, making sure to observe the speed limits. It is easy to spot the cottonwood trees located on the left. The trees are located beyond the trees, after which a left turn leads to Cactus Springs. There is also signage that leads to the Temple of Sekhmet, and there is ample parking space available.

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