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Indian Springs

Indian Springs is one of Nevada’s unincorporated towns and is located in the southwestern part of the state.

The town got its name from the fact that Indians had originally inhabited the area near the springs, close to the town’s location.

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In the early 20th century, the town became a popular way station and watering place for those using the region’s railroad, before the latter closed operations in 1918. Today, the town’s small population, coupled with its potential for growth and development, has made Indian Springs one of the state’s key outposts.

One of the most iconic landmarks within the town is the Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Field. The field, whose name was changed to Creech Air Force Base to honor General Wilbur Creech, is at the heart of military operations in the region.

In addition to the airbase, the town also has a post office, a school, as well as a library. Some of the businesses that operate in the area include gas stations, bars, and restaurants.

The Oasis Bar and Restaurant is a must-visit while in the town and is popular for its great music and drinks. One of the bar’s highlights has been its successful car and truck show that sought to raise funds for different causes within Indian Springs. The event also brought people together, creating a platform for both locals and visitors to interact.

Indian Springs constitutes part of the Indian Springs Valley, alongside the communities found in Cactus Springs. Other nearby attractions include the Pintwater Range, the Spring Mountains, the Spotted range, as well as Mercury Valley.

The Spring Mountains are worth mentioning as they make up a sky island ecological system with diverse habitats. What’s more, the mountain’s great biological diversity makes it a perfect destination for outdoor lovers. Look out for creosote bushes, junipers, mountain mahogany trees, and conifers, among others. The Spotted Range is also worth visiting and is aptly named for its spotted rocks.

Indian Springs is a small rural town that offers an ideal backdrop to explore rural Nevada. Click on the links below to explore a range of hotels, apartments, rentals, and RV parks in and around Indian Springs.

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