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Jean is a quaint commercial town that is located about 15 minutes from the border of Nevada and California, and about 25 minutes from Las Vegas.

The town is easily accessible using Interstate 15.

Jean Hotels, Casino, RV Parks, Apartments, Homes & Rentals Map, NV

One of the most interesting things about Jean is that as a commercial town, it has no residents and is used as just a commercial town for visitors who arrive here. Its proximity to communities such as Sandy Valley and Primm has increased the town’s popularity over the years. Additionally, the town’s low budget approach makes it perfect for just about any traveler exploring the region.

There are many fun things to do and see while in Jean. Ranging from gaming to outdoor activities and works of art, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The first place to make a stop is at the iconic Seven Magic Mountains. This is a world-famous public art installation that consists of seven vibrantly colored boulders creatively stacked on each other.

The work of art is the brainchild of Ugo Rondinone and was designed to exhibit human creativity in the heart of the harsh desert landscape. Many visitors are fascinated by the welcome sight of the bright hues against the background of the arid desert.

Adventure seekers passing through the town get the chance to enjoy sky diving at the Vegas Extreme Skydiving-Drop Zone. The best part about this adrenaline-packed adventure is the opportunity to get a bird’s view of Las Vegas and its surrounding environment. The company offers pick up services in Jean, as well as around Las Vegas.

Away from the outdoors, the town promises an unforgettable gaming experience at Terrible’s Hotel & Casino. The casino features an upgraded gaming system that allows players to move from machine to machine with ease. Keep an eye for the many promotions that the casino runs, and while you’re at it, drinks are free while you play the slots and table games – the perfect incentive to stop by at the casino!

For lovers of motorsport, Speedvegas is an absolute treat. Get behind the wheel of your dream car and drive around the race track as your driving coach gives you feedback on your performance along the way.

Jean is a perfect stopover for visitors touring this part of Las Vegas. Click on the links below to explore a range of hotels, RV parks, apartments, homes, and rentals in and around Jean, NV.

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