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Nelson is a historic town located within the El Dorado Canyon within Clark County in Nevada.

For a town whose past is highlighted by murder and rich mining deposits, a tour of Nelson does not disappoint.

Nelson Hotels, Ghost Town, Caves, Mine & Hiking Trails Map, Nevada

Nelson, also known as El Dorado to the Spanish natives who discovered it, was best known for minerals wealth that included copper, gold, lead, and silver. In its heyday, the region was occupied by Civil War deserters and would later be at the heart of the state’s biggest booms.

In the years that followed, these booms would be the genesis of murderous disputes and disagreements. So common was the bloodshed, that the town earned a sinister reputation in the region, but this did not prevent treasure seekers from trying out their luck.

Its location downstream of the canyon made Nelson prone to flash floods. Coupled with the dwindling resources of the mines, the town’s development retrogressed. Today, most of what is left are the remnants that tell of the town’s history.

However, the town is a popular tourist attraction thanks to its rundown aura that makes it ideal for exploring the mining caves, photography, and ghost town tours. For those keen on exploring the mines, a number of them are present today – particularly close to the top of the wash. Visitors must exercise caution and avoid ventilation shafts, as a number of these are unstable.

In addition to the mines, Nelson mostly consists of scattered ranches, weathered buildings, and the remains of a gas station. It is this rustic vibe that gives the town its allure and keeps attracting visitors. The town is quite popular for professional photoshoots and film making.

The town features a unique feature – that is, a tiny aircraft. At first glance, it appears as though the small plane crashed nose-first into the sand dune, but this is not an actual relic. It was put together for shooting the famous film, 3000 Miles to Graceland.

Wind up your visit with a trip to the El Dorado Canyon Museum. The museum houses a unique collection of antiquities from the region and makes for a fascinating experience while in Nelson.

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