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Summerlin South

Summerlin South

Summerlin South, also referred to as South Summerlin, is a wealthy locality in Clark County.

It is tucked away at the western end of the Las Vegas Valley, right next to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

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The neighborhood’s name was inspired by its design as an extension of Summerlin – one of Nevada’s most iconic planned communities. Just like Summerlin, it is one of the most affluent communities in the Las Vegas Valley, with the ultra-luxurious Ridges area and modern mansions dotting this opulent neighborhood.

Due to its location to the Summerlin Community and the more eccentric Las Vegas Strip, most of the locality’s nearby attractions are spread across the region. Explore the region with a trip to the Spring Mountains, which are located along the western side of Las Vegas, most notably within the Red Rock National Conservation Area.

Just as the name suggests, the mountains are popular for the abundance of natural springs, providing a beautiful backdrop. With more than 50 miles of trails to enjoy, hiking is one of the most popular activities in the region. The picnic areas are the perfect place to enjoy a break and refuel before continuing on your adventure.

For the avid nature lover, the mountain’s eight camping grounds are more reason to explore the wild mountain terrain. Simply make sure to carry enough supplies to last the night. Camping also provides a wonderful opportunity to go wildlife watching, with some of the species that roam the mountains, including mule deer, wild horses, and elk. If you are lucky, you may just spot a mountain lion, although they are rare to see.

During winter, the mountain slopes come alive, drawing in skiers from all around the area. For visitors who would like to both ski and stay up on the mountain, the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort is the place to be. The Mount Charleston Lodge is also a great option, and both comfortable rooms and offer excellent dining options.

Alternatively, stop by at Summerlin South before heading to the Las Vegas Strip for a great time. Click on the links below to explore a range of hotels, apartments, and casinos in and around Summerlin South.

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