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West Las Vegas

West Las Vegas is one of Las Vegas’ most significant neighborhoods, thanks to its rich heritage. Just as the name suggests, the area is located northwest of the Las Vegas Boulevard and is sometimes referred to as Historic West Las Vegas, or Westside.

West Las Vegas is bounded by Rancho Drive, Bonanza Road, and Interstate-15.

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The area’s history goes back to the early 1900s. Unlike many other states, there were no segregation laws, but less than two decades later, the legalization of gambling, coupled with the construction of the Hoover Dam, led to the segregation of African Americans from attending live shows.

As a result, the affected people of color sought to re-create a city that resembled Las Vegas, complete with a functional Strip and nightlife. This led to a thriving economy because the African Americans who weren’t permitted to live on The Strip could visit the clubs in West Las Vegas.

Two of the area’s hotspots included the Town Tavern and Moulin Rouge Hotel. The latter was the first hotel to become fully integrated into the area. In addition, the hotel-casino offered just about everything on The Strip – from fine dining to casino gaming, a lounge, and pool.

Mouline Rouge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but burned down twice and has remained in the area’s history. Other notable historical clubs in West Las Vegas include the Brown Derby Club, the Cotton Club, El Morocco, as well as the aptly named People’s Choice Casino.

West Las Vegas also has a vibrant arts culture. For many years, the West Las Vegas Arts Center has hosted events to create local interest in dance, theater, music, and art. Depending on the time you visit, you may also be able to watch the Performing and Visual Arts Summer Camp for Kids.

Wind up a visit to West Las Vegas at the Library to learn more amazing facts about the town. The library also has a theater, combining the best of visuals with literature.

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