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Bright Angel Trail

Bright Angel Trail

Bright Angel Trail is a popular hiking trail from the south rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.

The trail begins at the Grand Canyon Village and descends to the Colorado River before continuing to the Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Campground.

Bright Angel Trail, Hike Length & Map, South Rim Grand Canyon

It is for this reason that the trail is commonly referred to as the most’ rim to river’ route in the park. The trail continues to attract hikers in their numbers, partly because there are several hotels close to the starting point. However, don’t let this misjudge the trail’s difficulty as it is quite strenuous and requires a high level of fitness to complete.

From the trailhead, hikers take on the wide path that leads through a tunnel in the rock. This picturesque setting makes it ideal for a quick photo or two. The first four miles of the trail is extremely steep, and hikers should be cautious of the numerous switchbacks as they attempt to take on one of the canyon’s most challenging hikes.

Visitors keen on taking a day hike may consider the 1.5 Mile Resthouse or the 3 Mile Resthouse, both of which provide potable water during summer. This works well for hikers who do not have much experience, but who would also like to enjoy the splendid views of the canyon.

After the first four miles, Bright Angel Trail leads to a more level path to the Indian Garden Campground. The camping site provides a respite from the summer heat and marks the last water station before reaching the river. The campground is also an excellent accommodation option, but you must book in advance as permits are required from the Backcountry Office.

From the Indian Gardens, the trail features a few gentler switchbacks before beginning the descent to the river. At this point, hikers have numerous options on where to end the hike. The River Resthouse is an ideal option because it features restrooms and shaded areas.

For avid hikers, there is always the option of proceeding the last mile to the silver suspension bridge above the Colorado River. The breathtaking views from the bridge are some of the most amazing highlights of hiking the Bright Angel Trail.

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What is the Bright Angel Trail address?
What are the Bright Angel Trail opening hours?
Grand Canyon Visitor Center
Mon - Sun: 9am - 4pm
Summer & Fall
Mon - Sun: 8am - 6pm
Mon - Sun: 9am - 5pm

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What are the Bright Angel Trail entry prices?
Weekly Passes
Vehicle Permit: $35
Motorcycle Permit: $30
Individual Permit: $20 per person

Entrance Fee-Free Days
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
First day of National Park Week
National Park Service Birthday
National Public Lands Day
Veterans Day

Please visit our website for more information on the Bright Angel Trail.
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