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Chinatown Plaza

Chinatown Plaza

Chinatown Plaza is a unique shopping destination that combines the best of influences from the east with Las Vegas’ eclectic party scene.

A most unexpected center, the plaza is loved for its intricate Tang Dynasty architecture that is reminiscent of Chinese culture.

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One of the most alluring things about Chinatown Plaza is its incredible dining options. This hidden gem has an array of restaurants for visitors to explore. Treat yourself to authentic cuisines as you scour the different stores at the plaza. From a plate of delicious noodles to a rejuvenating cup of herbal tea from Taiwan and even roast duck made in the Hong Kong style, there is no excuse not to enjoy a meal at Chinatown Plaza.

Enjoy seafood at the Capital Seafood Restaurant, or explore Cantonese Cuisine at the Harbor Palace Seafood. The Xiang Xiang Noodle Bar and Seafood Steam Pot is popular with noodle lovers, as is Mother’s Grill, which specializes in Korean BBQ.

Paris Baguette boasts the freshest pastries in town, while the best boba tea is served at& Volcano Tea House and #1 Boba Tea. For Vietnamese cuisine, Pho Vietnam is your best bet. Other restaurants worth checking out include the Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant, Four Seasons Diner, as well as The Little Kitchen Café.

In addition to the delightful dining experience, Chinatown Plaza is also home to different stores that make shopping an exciting experience. Visit 99 Ranch Market for the best live seafood and groceries for your favorite Asian meals.

Make a stopover at the Great Wall Book Store to get Chinese books and CDs, both of which make for great souvenirs. When planning a trip from Asia to Las Vegas, make sure you check out the America Asia Travel Center for the best airfare and tour packages.

Alternatively, get glammed up when you visit the Beaut Point Hair Design for the latest hair trends and high-style designs. Tia Yi Art is the home of all Chinese Arts and Crafts.

Chinatown Plaza also hosts themed events from time to time to showcase the cultural beauty of the east for an unforgettable experience.

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