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Chloride Ghost Town

Chloride Ghost Town

The Chloride Ghost Town is a delightful tourist destination that offers an authentic experience of the Wild West.

Once a thriving town that was home to people who worked in the silver mines near Cerbat Mountains, the town is today a reflection of life in the mining era.

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The town is located about 90 miles from Las Vegas in Arizona, with the drive to the ghost town is a befitting lesson in the remarkable landscapes of the Southwest. From the charm of the majestic Colorado River to the engineering resplendence of the Hoover Dam, this route is a scenic exploration that delves deeper into the reason people made way to the West.

Chloride was once a bustling town with people steering the mining of silver in the Cerbat Mountains a short distance away. Currently, it is home to just a few hundred people with regular re-enactments held to bring fascinating past back to life. This re-enactment involves bullet-ridden brush-ups, which is a true reflection of the Wild West.

Presently, the town flourishes in color and crystals. This is made possible mainly because the landscape does not favor the growth of lush gardens, and so its residents use sparkling glass art to beautify their spaces. For the keen art lover, it is impossible to miss the tined rock faces that make up the town’s iconic murals, which are a work of art by Roy Purcell.

Make a stopover at the Mineshaft Market and information center. Here, you will learn fascinating facts about the town, the glory of its heydays, as well as what remains of it – an eye-opening session as told by the residents. Admittedly, this quaint town is loved for its odd vibes and the way its wild natural streaks complement its intriguing history.

A lot of the Chloride Ghost Town is open all week long from 8am to 5pm, and entry is free for all. The stores here do have their own opening hours, with Yesterdays Restaurant open until 9pm on Friday and Saturday.

This is a great spot for history buffs, art lovers, families, and even solo travelers looking for some solace in the town’s beautiful aura.

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