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Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge is a magnificent sandstone arch and the largest of its kind in the Sedona region. In sharp contrast with its name, this is one of the most amazing geologic features in the area. The stone arch is accessible following a steep hike on the Devil’s Bridge Trail.

This is one of the most popular hikes in Sedona and continues to attract large numbers of visitors throughout the year.

Devil’s Bridge, Hike Trail, Address, Length, Height & Map, Sedona Arizona

The trail is two two-mile return trip, which begins at the Devil’s Bridge Parking Area. The road to the main parking area is a rough dirt road, so it is advisable to use a vehicle with high clearance or use a four-wheel-drive car for easy accessibility. Alternative parking areas include the Dry Creek Vista and Long Canyon Road parking areas.

From the Devil’s Bridge parking section, the trail stretches for about a mile. Its moderate difficulty makes it ideal for families with older kids as the climb to the top of the arch makes it a fun activity. The trail leads to a fork about 0.75 miles away – the left trail leads hikers to the base of the sandstone arch, while the right trail goes above the arch.

From the base of the arch, take a few steps of the natural stairway from where you can enjoy splendid views of the arch from a worm’s view level. Stand directly below the arch and look up – it gives one a whole new appreciation for nature’s wonder. The right trail that leads to the top of the Bridge offers an incredible view of the region, making it the perfect reward for your effort.

On the way back to the Devil’s Bridge parking area, hikers will typically descend on the natural stairway the same way they went up. There are no handrails provided, so this may be challenging for anyone with a phobia of heights. It is important to exercise caution if the trail is wet or icy.

Devil’s Bridge makes for a breathtaking stopover and is a popular attraction. To enjoy the area’s serenity, it is advisable to arrive early enough to stay away from the crowds.

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