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Forrest Gump Point

Forrest Gump Point

Forrest Gump Point is a spot located between the Monument Valley and the Mexican Hut, being made famous and named after the movie Forrest Gump.

The spot is easily recognizable because, more often than not, visitors stop by at the roadside to take photos and soak in the majestic beauty of the desert landscape.

Forrest Gump Point, Highway 163, Monument Valley, GPS Coordinates

The point was later named after Forrest Gump and has continued to attract visitors from all over the world. In the movie, the spot marks the point where Forrest ended his run, stopping to tell his followers, “I’m very tired. I’m going home now.”

This marked an iconic moment as Gump, the film’s main character, had been running for three years, two months, fourteen days, and sixteen hours. The lengthy run across the United States came to a stop just a few miles from Monument Valley.

The spot is easily recognizable because it is located on the right-hand side of the road, with Monument Valley in the background. The sign is a little raised than the Mile Marker 13, and it is easy to identify. The best way to approach the spot is from the north – and for a good reason.

This point of view provides sweeping views of the region. This picture-perfect panorama provides a symmetrical balance between the tarmac road and the mesas that make up the Monument Valley in the background. Look out for the iconic US 163 that is easy to pick in the foreground.

To enjoy the best that Forrest Gump Point has to offer, simply find a space to park by the roadside and indulge in the view. This is a popular spot, so it is not uncommon to see other people walking on the road to get the perfect shot.

The best way to enjoy the views is to approach Forrest Gump Point from the north, just about 15 miles from the Monument Valley entry. No bookings or reservations are required, and this is a relatively brief stopover.

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