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M&M’s World

M&M’s World is a decadent wonderland tucked away near the iconic MGM Grand Hotel-Casino in the popular Showcase Mall. This chocolate heaven is set across four floors and is the perfect destination for anyone with a sweet tooth.

As you travel along the Las Vegas Strip, you can’t help but notice the attraction’s captivating display on its front window.

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Walking into the store is a euphoric experience if the instant surge of happy emotions is anything to go by. The use of beautiful vibrant colors, coupled with the tempo of the music, creates the perfect ambiance for shoppers. You will also have the chance to see some of the M&M’s memorabilia.

Head out to the main floor where you can enjoy some retail therapy. Choose from lovely mugs to charms and key chains among an array of souvenirs that you can get as a reminder of your trip to this chocolate wonderland.

Walk up to the second floor of M&M’s World and the plethora of colors welcome you to enjoy some of the company’s signature colors, From lime green to purple to teal and even hot pink, there are 22 different colors to marvel at. This visual treat almost pre-empts the decadent treats that await. Browse through the candy dispensers and tees that dot the floor.

The thrill does not stop here as the third floor of the building is where all the magic happens. Here, visitors get the chance to experience the very first ‘My M&M’s.’ This is the chance to personalize candies with some of the messages you have always wanted to add to your treats but never got the chance to. The message input may include a date or name or set of initials that fit onto two lines – each with eight characters.

After the satisfaction that comes with having your name on a piece of chocolate, make your way to the interactive 3-D film and enjoy the 10-minute long film that shows all day. This movie is ideal for all ages, and entry is free.

The last floor at M&M’s World sums up the entire M&M’s World experience. Look out for the race car themed products and choose one that tickles your fancy.

There is no better way to channel your inner-child than to explore all that M&M’s World has to offer.

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