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Moran Point
Moran Point

Moran Point

Moran Point is a scenic viewpoint located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is one of the most popular points along Desert View Drive, thanks to its spectacular views of the canyon.

From this point, visitors enjoy the panorama of the canyon, particularly between the 87th and 72nd miles of the Colorado River.

Moran Point, Sunrise & Sunset, Overlook, Grand Canyon National Park

Moran Point was named in honor of Peter Moran, who was an avid traveler and artist who explored the South Rim in the late 19th century, and later helped popularize it. His efforts contributed to the canyon’s incorporation as a national monument in 1908, and a national park just a decade later.

Today, the viewpoint attracts visitors in their numbers, providing a vantage spot to behold the wonders of the Grand Canyon National Park. The Coronado Butte lies to the west of Moran Point, in view of the southern edges and scenic river views. To the east, Yaki Point comes into view at the point where the Colorado River meanders southwards.

From Moran Point, it is possible to see three of the key rock groups within the Grand Canyon. These include the Vishnu Basement Rocks, the Grand Canyon Supergroup, as well as the Layered Paleozoic Rocks, with the different rock groups easily distinguishable by their unique surfaces. The layered Paleozoic rocks make up most of the Grand Canyon as they feature sedimentary rocks.

The Supergroup rocks are visible at specific points along the canyon’s rim, and the Vishnu Rocks are the oldest of their kind found in the canyon. Since the Colorado River flows across this layer, the basement rocks are easily visible from Moran Point.

Look out for the Red Canyon directly below, which is a vibrantly colored site that once served as a mining location. The Red Canyon got its name from the presence of red and orange rocks that are known to occur as a result of the Hakatai Shale. Follow the New Hance Trail that links to the Escalante Route before reaching the Hance Rapids.

With its extraordinary views and stunning landscape, Moran Point is a photographer’s dream destination. The Zuni and Grandview Points are found to the east and the west, respectively.

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Grand Canyon Visitor Center
Mon - Sun: 9am - 4pm
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Weekly Passes
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