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Pioche Mining Town
Pioche Mining Town

Pioche Mining Town

The Pioche Mining Town is an old historic mining town located about three hours away from Las Vegas in Nevada and is a great destination for an exciting day trip.

The old town’s charm boats a picturesque setting and rich history.

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The moment you set your eyes on Highway 93, you can be sure to be stunned by the beautiful scenery that spans for more than 180 miles to the ghost town. The town’s location on the mountainside provides some of the most panoramic views.

The town’s past is easily traced back to the many mines that abound in the region. At its peak, the mining town yielded more than five million dollars in ore from in just three years. The mines started operations in 1869 and lasted up to 1872. To put this in perspective, the value of the mine’s ore would be as much as $90 million at today’s rates.

The mining town was a rough place, thanks to the abundance of minerals. This often led to lots of gunfights and squabbles among mine owners. At its peak, the town was home to 10,000 people – certainly a far cry from the less than a thousand people who live in the town today.

One of the most distinct parts of the Pioche Mining Town is the tramway that transported silver ore across the town. What made this tramway especially unique is the fact that it was powered by gravity, perhaps to save on operational costs. Other attractions worth looking out for including the Million Dollar Courthouse and the Lincoln County Museum.

The Million Dollar Courthouse is a key landmark in the town. Built back in 1872, the courthouse was aptly named because the initial cost of $88,000 was surpassed and eventually received enough finance that added up to almost one million dollars.

Look out for the old Mountain View Hotel, which no longer functions as a hotel, but is a prime reflection of the western architecture of the 19th century. For accommodation in Pioche, make your way to the Overland Hotel, which offers 14 themed rooms for an unforgettable experience.

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