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Rainbow Point
Rainbow Point

Rainbow Point

Rainbow Point is located at the southern end of the Bryce Canyon National Park and is loved for its sweeping views of the park.

The outlook’s location along the main road in the park not only improves accessibility, but it also allows visitors to enjoy the canyon’s view from different perspectives.

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Rainbow Point’s location at the park’s southern end makes it a perfect place to start sightseeing in the park. Part of the reason for this is the unobstructed views of the entire park as it stretches from the east to the north. At the foreground of these views, you can’t help but notice the old bristlecone pine trees that dot the landscape.

In the distance towards the north, visitors can spot the Pink Cliffs out of which the jutted edges have been formed over the years. These geographical features encircle the amphitheater, making it one of the most outstanding attractions in the park. These Pink Cliffs are part of the ‘Grand Staircase.’

The ‘Grand Staircase’ consists of unique layers of rocks whose different colors and surface appearance make for a fascinating sightseeing adventure. The Pink Cliff is visible from Rainbow Point, while the rest of the rock structure can be viewed from Yovimpa Point.

Yovimpa Point is located a few steps from the Rainbow Point and is the best place to view the Grand Staircase. From here, it is easy to see the Pink Cliffs in full view, followed by the Grey Cliffs, the White Cliffs, and the Vermilion Cliffs. The Chocolate Cliffs are hidden from view at this point, but this spectacular arrangement gives visitors a whole new appreciation for Mother Nature. On a clear day, it is possible to see the staircase all the way to the Grand Canyon.

The one-mile Bristlecone Loop leads from Rainbow and Yovimpa Points to the parking area, taking the route along the canyon rim. The trail passes through Bristlecone Pines, with some thought to be as old as 1800 years!

Experienced hikers at Rainbow Point may opt for the 7.5-mile Riggs Spring Loop Trail, which is an arduous journey that plunges to the canyons right below Yovimpa Point, thus completing the loop between the two points.

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What is the Rainbow Point address?
Bryce Canyon National Park
UT-63, Bryce Canyon City, UT

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What are the Rainbow Point opening hours?
Open 24 hours a day throughout the year

Bryce Canyon Visitor Center
Spring, Summer & Fall
Mon - Sun: 8am - 8pm
Mon - Sun: 8am - 4:30pm

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What are the Rainbow Point entry prices?
Private Vehicle: $35
Motorcycle: $30
Bicycle, Walk-in: $20 per person

Please visit our website for more information on the Rainbow Point.
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