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Sunset Point
Sunset Point

Sunset Point

Sunset Point offers magnificent views of Bryce Canyon National Park’s hoodoos and is best loved for its breathtaking views at sunset.

At an elevation of more than 8000 feet, this viewpoint is the perfect place to soak in the canyon’s views.

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For visitors who would like to see the amphitheater in all its glory, this viewpoint makes for an idyllic spot. The Claron Formation is one of the most obvious sightings at Sunset Point, with this peculiar rock’s formation consisting of limestone deposited millions of years ago. The presence of iron oxide minerals in the rock provided the formation of bright red, orange, and yellow colors.

Additionally, the manganese oxide present in the rock adds to the hues of pink and purple found in the rock formation, with sections of the Claron Formation remaining white due to the lack of mineral impurities. When the light strikes this formation, the hoodoos come alive in a rainbow of colors, peaking at sunset just as dusk sets in, hence the viewpoint’s name.

Watch as Thor’s Hummer glows in the evening light, seemingly towering above Silent City. The latter is formed by an intricate pattern of deep gorges that suggest the area was once home to an ancient settlement.

Sunset Point is a wonderful place to enjoy bird-watching, with the old Douglas Fir trees that dot the landscape make it perfect for birds. Look out for the White-throated Swifts, which is one of the fastest flying birds in the region. These birds are easily identifiable thanks to the white coloration of their throat, belly, and rump. Other bird species that thrive in the region include hawks, ravens, cliff swallows, and the striking violet-green swallows.

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore Bryce Canyon. Take the Navajo Loop Trail that descends from Sunset Point, taking hikers through the narrow canyon of Wall Street before merging at the Queen’s Garden Trail and ending at Sunrise Point.

Some of the amenities available at Sunset Point include the restrooms and clean drinking water. Other nearby attractions include Inspiration Point and the Queen’s Garden Trail – one of the easiest ways to access the canyon.

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What is the Sunset Point address?
Bryce Canyon National Park
UT-63, Bryce Canyon City, UT

Please visit our website for more information on the Sunset Point.
What are the Sunset Point opening hours?
Open 24 hours a day throughout the year

Bryce Canyon Visitor Center
Spring, Summer & Fall
Mon - Sun: 8am - 8pm
Mon - Sun: 8am - 4:30pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Sunset Point.
What are the Sunset Point entry prices?
Private Vehicle: $35
Motorcycle: $30
Bicycle, Walk-in: $20 per person

Please visit our website for more information on the Sunset Point.
What is the Sunset Point phone number?

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