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Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club and Steakhouse brings the heat to Las Vegas with its unmatched adult entertainment in the heart of Sin City.

From the moment you arrive and walk through the doors to the luxurious lounge, it is obvious that this is the heart of erotic entertainment and one of the city’s premier hot spots.

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse, Prices & Hours, Las Vegas

The club’s dramatic entrance makes for a great way to indulge the senses. The lobby area boasts an ornate chandelier, complete with a marble staircase that adds a touch of class to the venue. This Italian-themed club feels like walking through a grand mansion right, with the sexy female entertainers on hand to improve guests’ experience.

Treasure’s three distinct stages will be filled with the club’s hottest babes, adding to the ambiance of the club. These stages feature hot entertainers on a rotational basis, but what makes the main stage performances more worth your while is the stunning shows the girls on, with a neon pole that’s complete with special effects to awe the audience throughout the night. One the other hand, the middle stage excites guests who love to catch up with the action at eye level, while the third stage feels like a combination of the other two.

Private skyboxes and VIP booths are also available for those willing to pay extra for a private show. These private spaces cost a little more, but the privacy is well worth the extra money. The private skyboxes are located on the club’s second floor from where you can watch all the action downstairs and still enjoy the perks of an additional stage. Look out for the Champagne Room and Apollo Lounge, both of which are well-suited for special events and functions held at the club.

Satisfy the hunger pains with a detour to the award-winning steakhouse, whose impressive menu is sure to appeal to every palate. Whether you would like to enjoy a steak dinner with close friends or prefer to get the girls to entertain you as you dig into your steak, the steakhouse perfectly compliments the club experience.

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse is located on Westwood Dr and is open daily between 4pm and 6am from Sunday and Thursday, and from 4pm to 8am on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Cover Charge: $50-$80 (arrive on foot, by car, or by taxi, uber, or Lyft)

Otherwise, you can book a package that includes the entry fee but gives you a number of bonuses

The smallest package starts with the Club Package at $50 Per Person (plus tax, gratuity NOT included), and this includes
- Round-trip Treasures VIP transportation service from any hotel on the strip or downtown.
- VIP Admission
- 3 Drinks
- VIP Table

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